Read Carefully the T-Shirt Fails Below Say It All... -
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Read Carefully… the T-Shirt Fails Below Say It All...

Witty quotes and words on T-shirts are a universal love of many people. Sometimes expressing a true statement or a powerful message, its more often the case that they’re a way to bring attention to the hilarity of a puzzling quote or joke. So instead of having to do a double-take, we’ve compiled all the best T-shirt word fails we’ve found for your pure enjoyment!

Never Went to Class

It’s too bad she didn’t take the time in COLLEGE to brush up on her spelling. Nevertheless, she still seemed to love her time at this higher education institution. Maybe don’t tell her parents that it has nothing to do with the classes that they’re paying all the school fees for. We’ll keep her love of parties on the downlow, shall we? In the meantime, perhaps someone can let her know that her ‘a’ is taking place of a much needed ‘e’ on her shirt.

Read Carefully the T-Shirt Fails Below Say It All...

This article was originally published on tworeddots and has been republished here with permission.

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