Get the Most Out of Your Vehicle: Find Out Which Car Features You Have Probably Never Noticed Before

Published on April 12, 2021

Beetle’s Practical Flower Vase

Maybe as a tribute to the “flower power” the car holds, the Volkswagen Beetle, came with a small flower vase, which was called a “blumenvase” and it is attached to the dashboard, somewhat hidden. If you are not really fond of flowers, you can use them to store your pencils, lip glosses, or anything that can fit into this little department. “Though we’re sad that the little flower vase is no longer available for the Beetle, it doesn’t mean that the iconic model doesn’t still retain elements of its past. Though the flower vase made way, extra storage has been made available with the Kaferfach glovebox, another nod to the past,” said the Volkswagen dealership in Santa Monica after the vase tradition ended.

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