40 Awe-Inspiring Things You'll Only See in India

Published on November 14, 2021

India is widely known for its rich culture and unique traditions that are unlike those of other country in the world. You don’t have to look far to find amazing facts and stories about the place and its interesting people who live there. Whether you have been to India before or plan on visiting there one day, here are some examples of the weird and wonderful things you can only find in India. Be prepared to get blown away!

Just a Bit of Water

Flooding is not unusual in India as they often experience heavy Monsoon rains over a short period of time. People have become accustomed to it as a part of their lives; like in other parts of Asia, life may continue as normal when a flood leaves water below knee height as they wait for the levels to go down again.

This family doesn’t seem bothered by the water in their living room at all as they go about watching a TV show. It must be a mild flood compared to what they might have experienced before. We just hope that all the electric equipment and cables are kept dry!