We Can't Take Our Eyes Off of These Celebrity Wedding Gowns

Published on December 15, 2020

Many people plan for their wedding to be the grandest moment of their lives. It’s not until they’re drowning in stress that they realize how much of a mammoth task creating their imagined perfection can be. Coming up with a beautiful wedding is as complex as coordinating a full Hollywood film production. You have to keep every detail in focus, every aspect under control, as one mistake can ruin everything. From picking a caterer to choosing a venue, getting a decent photographer, designing invitations, and a million other things, all the time and effort you have at your disposal will be consumed.

Planning a wedding for the average person is hard, but when a celebrity does it? The VIP guests and media attention add infinitely more pressure. The eyes of the world are upon them, and the dress will always be the most prominent focal point. While that creates a whole lot of pressure for the celebrities, for you it’s an opportunity to feast your eyes on the most cutting edge wedding dress designs on Earth. With that in mind, we’ve surveyed all the celebrity photo albums at our disposal to bring you their most stunning wedding dress designs. We'd love to know your top three!

Kate Middleton Claimed The Throne With Her Dress

Kate Middleton married her college sweetheart who also just so happened to be Prince William of Wales. It was an emotional event that will forever occupy a major space in modern British history.




Young Prince William and his brother Harry became the topic of public conversation the moment their mother died. Princess Diana's royal funeral service was televised, and everyone saw the young princes crying tears of sadness. His wedding with Kate Middleton was watched by 2.5 billion. Talk about being the center of attention!